Meaningful Activities in Partnership

MAP @ Gellibrand is a service for people with disabilities to engage in areas of interest to them. Gellibrand provides staffing to facilitate involvement in MAP, but all attendees need to contribute funding to cover staffing costs.  The sessions currently run from 9:30am to 3:30pm but can run at any time given sufficient numbers.

So, if you are interested in photography, cooking, bowling, literacy or any other area, do give us a call and we’ll see how best we can support you.

Hours of Operation

MAP runs for 48 weeks per year. This allows you to enjoy more of the sessions you choose and provides greater flexibility. Gellibrand would like to work with you to develop the supports and support hours that work for you. Programs can be facilitated at any time of the day as determined by the level of interest from participants.

MAP Structure

Once you are part of MAP you will have just two points of contact.

Your Session Leader: They design, run and manage the session with input from you. These are the people that you will spend most of your time with at MAP. They have a particular interest and skills in the area of your session. Your Session Leader brings their own unique skills and experiences to share with you at your sessions.

MAP Manager: They pop in occasionally to enjoy the sessions with you. The MAP Manager provides all the resources you need for your session and makes sure the session leaders are trained and supported. The MAP Manager can be contacted at any time and will meet with you regularly to chat about how your sessions are going.

How do I become a client of MAP?

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and make a time to come out and visit MAP and take part in some sessions. If you like what you see then we can discuss your support needs and agree on related costs. We will collect some information from you, to ensure we can support you well - and then you will be good to start!

Partnering with you to achieve:

  • A homely, relaxed and personal environments
  • A cost effective service through sharing of supports
  • Flexible sessions
  • The development of new friendships
  • New experiences
  • Greater decision making between yourself and your Session Leader
  • A greater range of activities available to you
  • A successful boutique services directed by you and your direct support staff

Our Philosophy

  • Fun and Friendships
  • Individuality
  • Self-Determination
  • Opportunity
  • Respect
  • Skill Development
  • Creativity
  • Care

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Current MAP clients are based in the following suburbs

Individual Support Packages (ISP)

Gellibrand also delivers Individualised Support Packages (ISP) services. The ISP is part of the Individualised Planning and Support Approach Strategy adopted in the Victorian State Disability Plan 2002-2012.

The ISP services provided by Gellibrand aim to ensure that support is provided based on the persons needs, aspirations and choices that one makes about their life. The ISP enables people with disability to access support both in their homes and in the community to increase or maintain their independence.

Gellibrand strives to work with clients as partners in a manner that planning of support options is directed by the client and/or is family centred for children; supports that are tailor-made and flexible to the client needs; and focus on community participation and strengthening supports by meaningful others.

Some examples of support options and/or learning or maintaining skills programs that Gellibrand provides, though not limited to, include:

  • Personal care – eating, drinking, medication and personal hygiene
  • Household activities – menu planning, food preparation, cooking, cleaning, laundry and grocery shopping
  • Finances – budgeting, banking and bill payment
  • Recreation and leisure – support to participate in sport activities like swimming, attending sport games, gym, arts and/ or crafts classes, music lessons, dancing lessons, community events, festivals and concerts
  • Out in the community – travel training and using public transport, re-orienteering (road and maps knowledge) training, personal shopping, and using public services like going to libraries
  • Attending appointments – doctors, dentist, optometrist, counselling sessions, and other community health services

Through the ISP services, it is possible for the client to experience greater control over their life by being supported to plan and choose the support options and services best suited to them.

Request for Gellibrand's ISP Service

ISP Locations

Residential Units (CRUs)


This CRU, comprised of 2 houses, was established in 1978 as the Rotary Mentally Retarded Person's Centre through funding provided largely by the Rotary Club. The service site was named Urimbirra - an Aboriginal term meaning "to take care and preserve". Urimbirra was one of the first service sites to fall under the name Gellibrand Residential Services in 2000.

Today this service site is home to eleven clients, many of whom are long term residents of the site. Many of the clients that reside at Williamstown, access the community independently or with minimal support. They enjoy socialising both as a group and individually doing their own thing, regularly participating in activities such as swimming, arts and craft on a Thursday evening at the Jenny Burbidge Centre.

In their day-to-day lives, the clients of Williamstown are supported to maintain the life skills they already have and also develop those skills that they feel will lead then to higher independence. Skills that the clients are supported with vary from cooking, budgeting, washing and personal hygiene to encouraging self advocacy.


This CRU was established in the late 1970s with funds raised by the local community and grants from local government. This service site was originally setup as a respite centre for people with cerebral palsy living in the local area and now provides permanent accommodation for seven clients with intellectual disabilities.

These clients are supported by Team Members to meet their essential day to day needs and are provided with opportunities to develop their abilities in areas such as cooking, washing and budgeting through the implementation of individually tailored skill development based programs. The clients of this service site enjoy getting out and about in their local community on a regular basis and have in the past attended outings to Federation Square, the Melbourne Aquarium, the footy at Telstra Dome, numerous birthday parties, movie screenings and even the opera.


Gellibrand has 2 CRUs situated in Werribee. Each house is a permanent home to five clients with intellectual and physical disabilities. Clients at this service site are provided with Team Member support to develop their independent living skills through a series of programs in the areas of cooking, washing, budgeting, personal care and healthy living.

The clients of these two service site are frequently supported to access their local community and participate in a variety of local league sports, including football and water aerobics. In the past, various clients have enjoyed attending various concerts (to see John Farnham, KISS and Babba, amongst others), karaoke venues, football and rugby matches.

As with most of the clients supported by Gellibrand, these clients of this service site regularly enjoy accessing their local community, particularly on weekends, and have enjoyed attending many functions and events of their choosing in the past - including day trips to Healesville Sanctuary and Ballarat.

Caroline Springs

Established in 2002, this service site located in Caroline Springs is one of the newest to fall under the Gellibrand Support Services umbrella. It is currently home to five clients who have high support needs. As the majority of the clients have cerebral palsy or autism, the goal of team members is to support the clients with their basic day to day living requirements such as eating, bathing, dressing and to ensure that their health and emotional well-being is maintained.

Clients living here enjoy a busy social life with numerous parties held at the house, outings to the Melbourne Zoo, Aquarium and drives to the beach on weekends. There are also regular visits to the local lake where the clients like to go walking and feed the ducks.

Avondale Heights

The Avondale Heights service site contains 1 house and 3 units. The 7 clients are independent in their day to day living. They are supported by team members to develop and increase their independence in all the life areas, which include building relationships and doing valued work. These clients are always keen to participate in social activities, with football being one of the main activities to which the clients looks forward to attending.

St. Albans

Opening in the Summer of 2012, this is the newest addition to Gellibrand. It steps away from the norm in regards to the support that Gellibrand provides as the CRU is specialised for people with Acquired Brain Injury (ABI). Currently housing 5 clients, this CRU is always on the move, with its clients participating in numerous activities.

CRU Locations

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