MAP Partnerships

During every session of MAP, the focus for the MAP team is to fully engage those attending the sessions and to foster an environment in which clients are able to make progress towards their goals and to achieve the outcomes they set for themselves.

With the addition of more new clients at MAP sessions, the decision was made for MAP to partner with other community groups in order to accommodate for the larger sessions that come with more attendees.

The first of these partnerships is with the Spotswood Football Club, who have provided the Domestic Skills group on Monday with a space to run their sessions. The club room kitchen is an ideal size for the group and is well equipped with an industrial oven and stove top. This has provided the Domestic Skills group the opportunity to further explore their cooking and domestic abilities. The partnership with the Spotswood Football Club has been very successful and the MAP team would like to extend a big thank you to Joan for making it possible.

Another of MAP’s popular sessions is the Literacy and Numeracy session that runs on Fridays. With the number of clients attending, it became difficult to make full use of the laptops and equipment for the session. As such, the MAP team reached out to the Laverton Community Hub to inquire about making use of a room on Fridays. To our surprise, Fridays were one of the quietest days on the calendar for the Hub and MAP was able to make a regular, long term booking during this time for a classroom sized room at the Hub. This has allowed each of the clients attending the sessions to work off a laptop to make the most of each session.

These partnerships have been a big step forward for MAP and there is potential for these to grow and develop in the future.

For anyone interested in the Spotswood Football Club and the Laverton Community Hub, you can check their websites below.

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