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Gellibrand also delivers Individualised Support Packages (ISP) services. Our ISP began as part of the Individualised Planning and Support Approach Strategy adopted in the Victorian State Disability Plan 2002-2012 and is now part of the services we provide to NDIS participants.

The ISP services provided by Gellibrand aim to ensure that support is provided based on the persons needs, aspirations and choices that one makes about their life. The ISP enables people with disability to access support both in their homes and in the community to increase or maintain their independence.

Gellibrand strives to work with clients as partners in a manner that planning of support options is directed by the client and/or is family centred for children; supports that are tailor-made and flexible to the client needs; and focus on community participation and strengthening supports by meaningful others.

Some examples of support options and/or learning or maintaining skills programs that Gellibrand provides, though not limited to, include:

  • Personal care – eating, drinking, medication and personal hygiene
  • Household activities – menu planning, food preparation, cooking, cleaning, laundry and grocery shopping
  • Finances – budgeting, banking and bill payment
  • Recreation and leisure – support to participate in sport activities like swimming, attending sport games, gym, arts and/ or crafts classes, music lessons, dancing lessons, community events, festivals and concerts
  • Out in the community – travel training and using public transport, re-orienteering (road and maps knowledge) training, personal shopping, and using public services like going to libraries
  • Attending appointments – doctors, dentist, optometrist, counselling sessions, and other community health services

Through the ISP services, it is possible for the client to experience greater control over their life by being supported to plan and choose the support options and services best suited to them.

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