What we do

Gellibrand is a not-for-profit organisation providing support and opportunities for people with a range of disabilities, not limited to physical and intellectual disabilities, but as well as acquired brain injuries. We strive for all our clients to be empowered and achieve meaningful outcomes.

Gellibrand manages eight supported Community Residential Units (CRUs), all located in the Western suburbs of Melbourne. These CRUs provide our clients with a safe and homely environment in which their development of daily living skills and independence is encouraged. Gellibrand also provides a service for semi-independent clients who have Individualised Support Packages (ISPs) and live on their own or with their families, within the north/west metro area of Melbourne. This service allows our clients to have support with high order skills.

Gellibrand supports all their clients to pursue a quality of life and dignified lifestyle choices available in the general community. To ensure quality service, Gellibrand places a great emphasis on 5 core service delivery values when support our clients.

They are:

  • Identity
  • Valued status
  • Client finances
  • Self determination
  • Wellbeing


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