Our Staff

CEO - Matthew Hoyle

Gellibrand Support Services' administrative office is located in the suburb of Sunshine, in Melbourne's west. This office serves as a base for many of the organisation's managerial officers, including our CEO, Matthew Hoyle. Matthew has been with Gellibrand for 23 years, with 15 of those years serving as CEO. During his time as CEO, Matthew has overseen a significant transformation to Gellibrand and the disability field. The support provided to the clients is now much more modernised; placing a greater emphasis on a person centred approach, allowing for the clients to advocate and make decisions for themselves. Within the last 10 years, Matthew has overseen the Gellibrand organisation relocate to the larger office in Sunshine and double in numbers of its staff and clients. At present, Gellibrand consists of over 80 staff members and over 60 clients.

Matthew has the intricate task of not only having to manage his staff but also be accountable for the welfare of Gellibrand's clients. Some of Matthew's responsibilities include:

  • Working with the Committee of Management to create policies which properly accounts for the administrative, development and financial operations of the organisation.
  • The development, implemention and evaluation of client's "All About Me" plans to ensure quality of life for Gellibrand's clients.
  • Providing leadership and support to team members. Develop a common vision in regards to service provision through regular contact with team members.
  • Liasing with external people and organisations including Gellibrand's funding body, the Department of Human Services.

Finance & Maintenance Team 

The Finance and Maintenance Team have numerous responsibilities within the organisation, which includes staff wages, maintenance, repairs and client finances. Their main role is to ensure that all monies coming into the organisation are efficiently utilised to keep the service sites well maintained, thus providing the highest quality service to clients at Gellibrand.

Service Site Support Team

The Service Site Support Team is responsible for ensuring that the organisation adheres to policies set out. They are constantly reviewing/ updating policies and conduct internal audits every quarter at the service sites to ensure that our high quality service is maintained. Client Life Plan updates occur so that all client developmental needs and otherwise are consistently met. Forms which are used by Gellibrand are created by the SSST.

Resource Team

The Resource Team works to keep our head office at Withers Street functional and well resourced. It also has the important role of rostering team members in all service sites and the Individual Support Program. The Resource Team's friendly voice is the first point of contact when people engage at Withers Street.

OH&S Team

The OH&S Team are of high importance in making sure all services sites are safe to work at. Each service site undergoes regular OH&S audits that adhere to the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2011. The OH&S Team strives to keep all of the Gellibrand team members up to date in regards to manual handling and best safety practices through regular training sessions.

Quality Team

The Quality Team conducts quality assessments of the organisation's operations through a number of surveys distributed to clients and team members. Information obtained through these surveys is compiled to form a general evaluation of a particular aspect of the organisation's services. The questions on these surveys are based around Victorian Disability Service Standards. These surveys are distributed annually and the information gathered sent to the Department of Human Services. As well as these annual evaluations, Gellibrand team members have an opportunity at monthly team meetings to address any areas of concern in regard to the quality of service provision within the organisation. This ensures that Gellibrand is constantly attune to the needs of both its clients and team members.

Training Team

The Training Team seeks to ensure that all team members at Gellibrand feel they are adequately prepared to carry out their roles as employees of the organisation. All newly appointed team members at Gellibrand are required to undergo an extensive in-house training program, ultimately guaranteeing that our clients are receiving the highest possible standard of service. team members are also encouraged to request training in a particular area if they feel that this would be beneficial. Furthermore Gellibrand requires all its team members to attend a monthly organisational training session. Such organisational sessions have often involved the services of external professionals relevant to the field who have trained our staff around a number of diverse topics. Again this ensures that all Gellibrand team members are equipped with a wealth of useful and practical information.

Comcrew Team

The Comcrew Team is responsible for Gellibrand's technology. Computer network infrastructure, phone lines and the internet are all managed by the team to ensure communication between Withers Street and the service sites is easily accessible and working efficiently.



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